Straptight Guitar Strap Locks – Official Joe Satriani US Merchandise 2 pack


Joe Satriani Signature Series Strap Locks

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The Straptight straplocks are an ingenious solution for keeping your guitar safe from falling off the strap. This straplock consists in a high-grade material, very flexible and light that can be installed on the guitar in less than 3 seconds, and makes impossible your guitar strap to be removed directly.

Joe uses the Straplight locking system since 2013 to secure every guitar he uses one stage, and have his own Straplock signature Satriani model since then. Most of straplocks in the market are sold per unit, but 2 straplocks are always included in 1 package.


How to use it


It’s very simple and gets installed on your guitar in a few seconds, be sure to have your strap on, first grab the Straptight in your hand and place open end on strap post, then twist the Straplight and push it in!


Then to remove it follow the same steps back, grab it, twist it and pull it of your guitar, this way you can safely remove your strap on.


“Straptight is the best, the simplest, the most ingenious and the most elegant solution to the age old problem of your strap falling off your guitar. It’s easy to use and never fails. I’m putting them on every guitar I own.”


Joe Satriani.


With the Straptight system Joe plays now with more flexibility and freedom on stage, keeping his precious custom guitars (JS2410 MCO, the Blue Chickenfoot, the JS7 he’s briging back for the Shockwave tour…) safe from falling off, like it happened occasionally in his carrer. A great illustration was the Unstoppable Momentum tours 2013 & 2014 when he began to use those those straplocks, where everyone have clearly saw him running the stage with way more ease and exuberance, sketching step by step the contours of the new album concept.


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