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Y A M A H A   Y R S 2 4 B   D E S C A N T / S O P R A N O   R E C O R D E R

T H E   W O R L D ‘ S   M O S T   P O P U L A R   S T U D E N T   R E C O R D E R !

The YAMAHA YRS-24B Descant/Soprano recorders has been designed to provide a perfect start to anyone’s musical education. Offering an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control, it features an accuracy of intonation you would expect to find only on more expensive models.

Though other plastic recorders may have a similar appearance, these ABS recorders are truly superior instruments. This Recorder is easy to play and is absolutely perfect for beginners or more advanced students..

This famous brand Descant/Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering is in the key of C and features double holes; C-C#, D-D# and three-piece construction. The combination of tone, intonation, and ease of playing makes it number one in its class with millions of units sold the World over.

This YAMAHA YRS24B Descant/Soprano Recorder has been designed with the more advanced player in mind as well as the beginning student and is also very affordable.  It includes a cloth bag and fingering chart.

Of course this Descant/Soprano Recorder is also a lovely solo instrument suited to all styles of music from Baroque right through to contemporary Folk.

It also shines in the Classroom. This Descant/Soprano Recorder has a wonderful sweet tone and because of its micron accurate intonation sounds wonderful in an ensemble.

P L A Y I N G   C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S

  • Easy to play with precise, uniform intonation for players of all levels, perfect for the beginning musician.
  • The baroque fingering system is one of the features that makes this the most popular school recorder in the World.
  • ABS resin plastic

Made with state-of-the-art Technology to produce an instrument that is very durable, making it ideal for student recorders.  Everyone of these Descant/Sporano Recorders are made from special ABS resin to produce a sweet natural sounding instrument.


The three-piece construction of this recorder makes tuning easy and cleaning easier.

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Y A M A H A   Y R S 2 4 B   D E S C A N T / S O P R A N O   R E C O R D E R

The World’s most popular student recorder…IN STOCK NOW!


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