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Riffs & Rhythms

Rock Anthems
easy-to-follow Guitar format
39 Rock Anthems
80 Pages packed with the biggest hits from the World s best artists

This incredible album features thirty-nine of the biggest rock anthems; from Creed to U2, Black Sabbath to Muse; all perfectly transcribed from the original recordings.

Each of the songs included in Riffs And Rhythms is presented in unique, clear, note-for-note transcriptions of your favourite songs

Each song features music presented in clear sections as played on the original recording.

Lyrics and chords are set against easy-to-follow rhythm slashes plus full guitar tablature of the key sections, along with a TAB guide.

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The new Riffs & Rhythms format delivers each song with complete lyrics and chords, set to easy-to-follow rhythm slashes

Complete song structure with intro, verse, chorus, repeats, solos etc. clearly indicated

Guitar chord boxes for every chord used in each song

All songs expertly transcribed from the original recordings

Each song contains note-for-note TAB annotations of the definitive riff, intro, strumming or picking pattern complete with rhythm tails and beat-counts

Simple four-bar systems show every beat of the song, with lyrics precisely aligned

Contains full guide to reading TAB

Riffs & Rhythms is an innovative approach to guitar music.

Aside from the clarity and accuracy, each song contains at least one short piece of guitar TAB to give the player an authentic phrase: a riff, a lick, a bass run or other memorable musical line from the song. Where this phrase is repeated, it

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