Paiste PST5 Universal Cymbal Pack with bonus 10″ Splash Cymbal

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PAISTE PST5 Universal Cymbal Pack with bonus 10″ Splash Cymbal FREE P+H!

OK – you’ve got a pretty decent drum kit, you’ve upgraded the heads but your still using the original pressed tin cymbals…Here is your first REAL set of Cymbals from master Swiss Cymbal makers, Paiste!

The Paiste PST 5 Universal Cymbal Set features 14″ medium hats, 16″ medium crash, 20″ medium ride and while stocks last we are including a 10″ Paiste Splash cymbal with your pack.

The Paiste PST 5 cymbals are sensationally affordable cymbals with never-before-possible sound quality and pro-level looks. Paiste employs modern, Hi-Tech production techniques that transfer the spirit and essence of 70 years of hand-manufacturing into premium-quality, musical cymbals.

For the manufacture of PST 5 cymbals, Paiste uses the same high-grade CuSn8 Bronze Alloy as in its Professional class 2002, Giant Beat, Alpha and Rude cymbals.

PAISTE PST5 14″ Medium Hi-Hats

These 14″ Hi Hats deliver a full, warm tone with a fairly wide range and moderately complex harmonic mix. Even, responsive feel. Full, bright, open sound with a defined solid chick sound.XXXX

PAISTE PST5 16″ Medium Crash Cymbal

The Paiste PST5 16″ Medium Crash is best described as full, energetic and powerful. Delivering a fairly clean mix of overtones and harmonics it has a medium wide range and responds to stick work with an even, responsive feel. An extremely versatile and musical cymbal. The Paiste PST5 16″ Medium Crash is a great all rounder.

PAISTE PST5 20″ Medium Ride Cymbal

With a complex sound character, the Paiste PST5 Medium Ride Cymbal is bright, full and warm. It has a Medium range and a clean mix with an even, balanced feel. There is a nice crisp, clear ping over a controlled, clean wash. This is a versatile Ride Cymbal suited to a wide range of musical styles and applications.


The Paiste PST5 10″ Splash is a cutting, versatile splash with a strong voice for all-around playing. The tone is full and warm with a medium range and a fairly clean mix. Even, balanced and responsive feel.

PAISTE PST5 Universal Set Features:

14″ Medium Hi Hats
16″ Medium Crash
20″ Medium Ride
BONUS – 10″ Splash


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