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Lanikai O-6 Ovangkol Series Six-String Ukulele Combine doubled strings with a solid spruce top and gorgeous Ovangkol backs and sides and you have the fullest sounding, most beautiful ukuleles available. The O Series O-6 Ovangkol 6-String Tenor Acoustic has the standard G, C, E, A tuning, with two additional strings that are paired with the C and A strings. The additional C string is either tuned an octave up or down. The additional A string is tuned to the same octave as the other A string. It features an ovangkol body, a solid spruce top and a rosewood fingerboard.

Sometimes one needs to break traditions to create a masterpiece. West Africa is about as far as one can get from the islands of Hawaii, but no other wood had the characteristics needed to spotlight the nuances of doubled strings. Coupled with a solid spruce top the Ovangkol series by Lanikai has an incredible full tone. When the song calls for a different voice Lanikai delivers a new array of sounds with this 6 string ukulele. The O-6EK comes with a Fishman Kula preamp for gigging situations. This model comes with the standard tuning of GCEA with the C and A strings doubled like a 12 string guitar. With the easy playability, and included instruction booklet written by Mary Lou Dempler you will be playing in a matter of minutes.If you have never played ukulele before get ready for a world of fun. The ukulele is an addicting instrument that can and will be taken everywhere. The standard tuning on a Soprano, Concert, and Tenor ukulele is GBEA, and on a Baritone DGBE. If you can play one ukulele you can play them all! Pick up a Lanikai today and see why people are saying Lanikai Makes Me Happy!

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