Hohner Bravo III 80 Bass Piano Accordion Black Finish with Straps and Padded Gig Bag



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Black Finish

Complete with Straps

Padded Gig Bag

This HOHNER BRAVO III 80 Bass Piano Accordion sets the gold standard for beginners, students and experienced players looking for a relatively light weight yet sweet sounding instrument.

The HOHNER BRAVO III 80 Bass Piano Accordion is a rugged and musically versatile instrument that delivers a level of performance and features normally only found in considerably more expensive instruments. A good example is the Bravo’s incorporation of the T-keyboard mechanism, offering outstanding playability and ease of service.

The HOHNER BRAVO Project Team was led by the input of both accordion teachers and students regarding another important aspect of design: the instrument should be as light as possible without sacrificing Tonal Quality, especially for the youngest pupils. The BRAVO III 80 Bass Accordions weigh in at only 8.6 kg (18.15 lbs.), making them perhaps the lightest available instruments in their class on the market. This has also proven to be a Godsend for older players who find it difficult to lift and hold their old instruments.



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Model: Bravo III 80
Colour: Black
Reed Plate: Hohner Standard
Number of Notes: 37
Class: Chromatic
Piano Keys: 37
Lowest Note: F
Highest Note: F
Voices: 3
Tone Colours: 5
Number of Registers: 7
Standard Basses: 80
Standard Bass Voices: 4
Standard Bass Registers: 3
Dimensions: H44 cm x W18.5 cm
Weight: 8.6 kg
Straps: Woven Textile Straps included
Case: Padded Hohner Gig Bag
Warranty: One Year

Every HOHNER accordion is the result of over 100 years of experience in
the design, construction and manufacture of high quality bellows-driven

Painstaking craftsmanship and the selection of the finest
materials guarantee a consistently high standard of production that truly
deserves HOHNER’s proud reputation. is a distinguishing feature of HOHNER’s instruments.

The Chromatic Piano Accordion is a very versatile instrument.

The right hand operates a Piano Keyboard and can be played in all keys like the

The left hand operates the buttons of the Standard Bass. The Standard Bass is split into Bass and Chord rows. The playing of the left hand resembles the style of accompaniment traditionally given by a bass or rhythm guitar.

Therefore the Chromatic Accordion player has actually three instruments at their fingertips: A Melodic Instrument (right hand) along with a Bass and a
Harmonic Accompaniment (left hand) capable of playing in any Pitch or Key.



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