EVH5150 Guitar Fx Overdrive Pedal


  • Designed in close collaboration with Eddie Van Halen
  • MXR Pedal

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The resulting EVH 5150 Overdrive joins hand-adjusted multi-stage MOSFETs with a full complement of controls to deliver overdriven tube-like tones and exceptional sonic flexibility through a wide variety of amps and speaker cabinets.

Whether on stage or in the studio, the EVH 5150 Overdrive?s controls dial up the whole spectrum?from Eddie?s groundbreaking early classic tones to the high gain, super-articulate sound he uses today. Output and Gain controls set your volume and distortion levels, while the 3-band passive tone stack EQ section shapes your sound to taste. The Boost switch kicks the 5150 Overdrive into high gear with extra gain and compression, and the Gate control?powered by the Smart Gate circuit?tames unwanted noise.

The EVH 5150 Overdrive features true bypass switching and comes in a road-worthy housing emblazoned with custom EVH artwork.


  • Designed in close collaboration with Eddie Van Halen
  • Features multi-stage MOSFETs, 3-band EQ, Boost switch, and Gate
  • Extremely versatile


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