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Are you about to buy your first drum set? Are you confused by the terms and jargon? Do you already own a drum set and need help with maintenance and tuning?

The TipBook Drums is your answer.

With millions of copies sold the World over, the Tipbook Series books are handy, accessible, thorough and convenient guides for players who want to get the most out of their instruments.

Compiled by Hugo Pinksterboer, they TipBook for Drums has been written in collaboration with and proof-read by musicians, teachers, technicians and other experts.

Beginners, students and advanced players can all benefit from the valuable information contained in the TipBook Drums.

The list of Topics is broad and includes information on:

Explanation of Terminology and Jargon
Basic background information on Drums and Cymbals
Price indications
The history and the family of Drums

The drum book covers topics such as selecting and play-testing drums and cymbals, buying sticks, heads and hardware, tuning, and a drummer’s glossary. We agree with many that this will probably the most important money that a drummer will ever spend. TipBook Drums is jam packed with insider tips and detailed drawings.

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