D’Addario EJ17 Acoustic Guitar 13/56 Phosphor Bronze


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EJ17s offer heavier tension resulting in a bolder more resonant acoustic tone with higher resistance for heavy strumming and flat picking.

Phosphor Bronze was introduced to string making by D Addario in 1974 and has become synonymous with warm bright and well balanced acoustic tone. D Addario Phosphor Bronze strings are precision wound with corrosion resistant phosphor bronze onto a carefully drawn hexagonally shaped high carbon steel core. The result is long lasting bright sounding tone with excellent intonation.

D Addario s most popular choice for heavy strumming flat picking and resonant projecting tone
Preferred for its warm bright and well balanced acoustic tone
Environmentally friendly corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
String Gauges: Plain Steel .013 .017 Phosphor Bronze Wound .026 .035 .045 .056

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