Casio DC09 Stretchy Black Dust Cover Suits 76 and 88 note Digital Pianos and Keyboards



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The Casio DC09 is a great product and simply ideal for protecting your valuable Digital Piano or Keyboard.

The generous proportions and stretchy material make it perfect for most 76 and 88 note keyboards.

o Great Protection: The breathable layer is perfect for keeping your keyboard clean and safe against animal hair, dust, dirt and sunlight.
o Stretchable & Adjustable: Large enough for 76 note keyboards and portable 88 note digital pianos.
o Secure Fit: The DC09 features a draw-through nylon cord and locking clasp to provide a secure fit.
o Elegant: The DC09 adds a touch of elegance and mystery…”whats under the cover?”
o Machine Washable: If your DC09 Dust Cover gets dirty simply drop it in your washing machine and enjoy your newly shining dust cover!
Always wash separately and hand wash if possible to extend its lifespan.
o Will Fit most Keyboard Brands: The benefits of the DC09 Dust cover are not just confined to Casio. Many of the Digital Pianos and
Keyboards from brands such as Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Kurzweil, Korg, Nord and more will fit.
o Guaranteed to last with a One Year warranty and our friendly customer service.



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