Thomastik Plectrum AC111 Acoustic Guitar Strings Bronze Wound 11-50 Light Gauge


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AC111 11-50 Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar Strings



Hand wound in Austria from the finest materials, Thomastik-Infeld Plectrum Acoustic Guitar strings are a reference standard. Guitarists the world over agree that Thomastik-Infeld Plectrum Acoustic Guitar Strings have set the benchmark for sound quality, performance and durability.

With the Plectrum series, Dr Thomastik-infeld have created a remarkable set of Acoustic Guitar strings that have redefined what a player should expect from their strings!

The combination of lower overall tension and the hybrid arrangement of the wound strings which all feature silk inlays (for precise overtone balance) and a highly flexible steel core, produces a beautiful, sweet sounding, almost classical tone.

Plectrums will make you rethink what a Bronze wound string should be with the typical warmth of bronze along with the easy playability that one would only expect from of a fine set of jazz strings.


The Hybrid nature of the wound strings is part of the “secret recipe” for the wonderful tone and playability of Thomastik Plectrum strings. Depending on the set, Thomastik may use Round Wound or Flat Wound strings – or a combination of both – and Brass Plated plain steels.

This AC111 set for example consists of the following strings; The Low E is Round-wound, while the A, D and G strings are Flat-wound. The silk inlay results in a balanced, lighter tension string that feels wonderful under your fingers. The high E and B strings are made from Brass coated Steel.

Additionally, because of their low, evenly balanced tensions, Dr Thomastik-infeld Plectrum strings can extend the playing life of many fine older guitars with weak bracing or other special age conditions. Give them a quick wipe-over after playing and you should also be astounded as to how long they last.

If you appreciate good tone and a fine touch, you owe it to yourself to try these strings, even once…you may just never turn back!

The Thomastik-Infeld Plectrum formula is famous the world over for providing legendary superb tone over the long life of the string with wonderful playability.


Thomastik-Infeld PLECTRUM AC111 11-50 Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar Strings

o E – .050″ Bronze ROUND wound (AC050)
o A – .036″ Bronze FLAT wound (AC036)
o D – .027″ Bronze FLAT wound (AC027)
o G – .019″ Bronze FLAT wound (AC019)
o B – .014″ Brass plated steel (P14)
o E – .011″ Brass plated steel (P11)

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