T-Rex Twin Boost Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


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Twin Boost is logical and simple to set up and use on stage.
The pedal features two identical channels of boost – each with its
own ON-OFF switch.
Hit the left switch and you’ll turn on the left channel. Step on the right switch and you’ll toggle from the left to the right channel. Whichever channel you’re on, hit the switch again to turn the pedal off. Both channels of your Twin Boost feature a LEVEL, BASS, MIDDLE
and TREBLE knob.
LEVEL controls the amount of boost for the channel. The BASS, MIDDLE, and TREBLE knobs let you shape the tone of your boost for each channel. Try turning up the MIDDLE on channel one for single-note rhythm lines, and boosting the BASS and TREBLE on channel two for a great solo sound.


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