Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi Reissue Classic Fuzz Sustain Pedal


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  • The most distinctive and legendary fuzz tones in the history of rock
  • Aggressive, dynamic tones with Boutique Quality Distortion and Sustain
  • Experience the Magic of the ’60s and ’70s with this Legendary Pedal
  • 50th Anniversary Edition of the ultimate Fuzz Box
  • Classic Tones in a Modern Pedal Board Friendly Sized Chassis

Get out your bell bottom jeans . . . Electro-Harmonix have reissued the original Version 1 Big Muff! Simply dripping with vintage Electro-Harmonix DNA and tone, this is the one that started it all.

Dubbed the Triangle Big Muff because of the layout of its Volume, Sustain and Tone controls, the new Triangle Big Muff is a faithful re-creation of the original circa 1969 circuit now housed in a pedalboard friendly, die-cast chassis. The original circuit was the very first Muff EHX made back in 1969, kicking off a line of fuzz pedals that would quickly become ubiquitous with the brand and a favorite among guitarists across a wide range of genres.

Electro-Harmonix founder, Mike Matthews, says: “The Big Muff Pi is the pedal we are best known for so I wanted to commemorate EHX’s 50th Anniversary (1968-2018) by re-releasing V1, the very first Big Muff. Original pedals are now selling for hundreds of dollars and this reissue absolutely nails that creamy, violin-like sustain and musical tone at a price a working musician can afford.”

The tone of the Triangle Big Muff is all 1969 however, Electro-Harmonix have cleverly added some features to enhance convenience. They include an LED to indicate effect status, true bypass switching and the option of being powered by a 9-volt AC adapter…genius!

• The authentic V1 Triangle Big Muff reissued in a nano-sized chassis
• Effect status LED
• True bypass
• Vintage look and graphics
• Comes with a 9V battery, also accepts an (optional) EHX 9.6DC200mA Power Supply


Using the Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi is easy. There’s a whole lot of groovy guitar tones about to happen . . . we just know it! This is how it works:

• VOLUME Control – Sets the output level
• TONE Control – Provides a range of sounds from high treble to deep bass. As you turn the knob clockwise the treble increases and bass decreases.
• SUSTAIN Control – Adjusts the amount of sustain and distortion.
• FOOTSWITCH & STATUS LED – Use the footswitch to toggle between effect and bypass. The Triangle Big Muff is active when the LED is lit.
• TRUE BYPASS MODE – When the LED is off, the pedal is in true bypass mode.
• IN JACK – Plug the output of your instrument or another effects pedal into the ¼” input jack. The input impedance presented at this jack is 122kΩ.
• OUT JACK – Connect the Triangle Big Muff’s 6.3mm (¼”) OUT jack to the input of your amplifier or another effects pedal. When the Triangle Big Muff is in bypass mode, the OUT jack is connected directly to the IN jack. The output impedance is nominally 25kΩ.
• POWER – The Triangle Big Muff Pi may be powered from a 9V battery or an optional 9VDC AC Adapter such as the EHX9.6DC-200 or any Boss® or Dunlop® style AC adapters capable of delivering at least 30mA. Plug the output of the adapter into the 9V power jack located at the top of the pedal. The battery may be left in or taken out when using an AC Adapter. The current draw is approximately 2.2mA at 9VDC.
Please Note: Using the wrong adapter or a plug with the wrong polarity may damage your Triangle Muff Pi and void the warranty.

The perfect fuzz sound

Now you can experience the sound of legends. The fuzz effect first started to appear in rock and roll in the 1960s. Some of the biggest, best hits of the decade were created with this revolutionary new sound. The first experimentations came with the likes of The Kinks’ exhilarating “You Really Got Me”. Keith Richards employed fuzz with unbelievable, world-conquering effect on The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.

It wasn’t until the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff that fuzz really began to revolutionise music, though. A first prototype released in 1968 had all the hallmarks of the early fuzz sound that had proved so popular, but founder Mike Matthews wanted more powerful, bass-heavy fuzz.

In 1969, the Big Muff captured that sound and went on to become the most legendary pedal in rock. One week after the very first models of the pedal were released in New York City, Jimi Hendrix purchased one. The rest is history. Hendrix used the pedal to craft his iconic sound before his untimely death a year later. David Gilmour used one on Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Frank Zappa, and more would all use the very same pedal to achieve amazing, overdriven, distorted fuzz tones and release unparalleled aggression into their music. With the 50th anniversary Triangle Big Muff (so named because of the triangular layout of the dials), you can too.

The perfect pedalboard addition. The Triangle Big Muff’s compact size makes it the ideal tool for any guitarist’s pedalboard. Enjoy its legendary fuzz tones without sacrificing a great deal of space for your other prized effects, allowing you to carry on building and improving your effects library. Furthermore, the Big Muff is extremely durable thanks to its die-cast chassis. Peace of mind that you’ll be able to enjoy its mesmerising distortion for years to come, no matter how much you use it.

The sound? The Triangle Big Muff Pi is capable of moving from “detailed and sophisticated… to an all-out barrage of sound,” capturing and faithfully reproducing all of the original character of the V1 circuit and packing it into a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly chassis. With vintage originals becoming increasingly harder to find and prohibitively more expensive all the time, this Triangle Muff reissue offers you the ability to add that signature violin-like sustain and classic fuzzy tone to your board a a killer price.


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