DOWNLOAD! How the Internet Transformed the Record Business by Phil Hardy 9781780386140


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written by Phil Hardy

• Author: Phil Hardy
• Publisher: Omnibus Press
• ISBN-10: 1780386141
• ISBN-13: 9781780386140
• Format: Paperback
• Number of Pages: 380
• Language: English
• Place of Publication: London, United Kingdom

DOWNLOAD! Tells the astonishing story of how the once mighty record industry lost control of its once unassailable assets in a technological revolution that had initially looked so promising.

Phil Hardy’s fascinating book chronicles the arrogance of the long-established record industry and how, in a few short years made themselves irrelevant. The book takes us from the boom years of the CD revolution of the late 1980s to the crisis of the present day, with particular emphasis on the last decade.

It follows the actions and reactions of the major international record companies – five at the beginning of the story, and shrinking fast – as they ploughed their way through the digital revolution, bewildered by the fleet-of-foot digital innovators who were far more responsive to the changing marketing conditions and the quickly evolving demands of consumers.

These all have their significant place in Download but the real story is the structural change that has, almost surreptitiously, taken place within the music business. This change, for reasons author Phil Hardy will explain in detail, has left the captains of the record industry as unable to act as they were unwilling to act. In effect they became little but very well paid observers of the demise of their domains.

DOWNLOAD! is a great read for anyone with even a passing interest in the music industry.

Phil Hardy is a respected music industry journalist, author and consultant. He has written for Time Out, Variety and other publications and acted as a consultant on music business issues for bodies such as the Greater London Enterprise Board and the World Bank. He was the founding editor of Music and Copyright, offering news and analysis on the international music industry.

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