Casio XWH3 Head Phones Red and Grey High Quality DJ and Personal Foldable Headphones

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For your big performance: stylish DJ headphones

If you work as a DJ, you need good headphones so you can mix the music properly and get party animals on their feet. But music lovers too, and not just DJs, will be impressed by the top-class sound quality. The new XW-H1, XW-H2 and XW-H3 headphones offer the optimum balance of clear sound reproduction for mixing and a pleasant listening experience for leisure time. Perfect ear pads ensure the headphones are comfortable to wear for long periods and offer exclusive noise insulation. So you can always focus on the beat, even in very noisy environments. The headphones also impress with their robust design, as well as the break-proof folding headphone band. The extremely flexible band also lets you mix with just one earpiece, as unlike conventional DJ headphones, it uses earpiece joints to exert counter-pressure to stop it sliding off if you move your head rapidly. Even the cable can be replaced quickly and easily! Whether it is in black, white or red, the modern design in three different colours is a real eye catcher

Product Features

High-quality design
Excellent sound properties
Extremely comfortable for mixing and listening to music for long periods
Extremely flexible and folding headphone band


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