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49 key USB-MIDI Controller Keyboard

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Looking for a USB-MIDI Controller Keyboard for Garage Band, Cubase, Logic, Reason or other software? You need look no further than the UMK49. The Ashton UMK49 offers an amazing array of features and reliability at a truly remarkable price!


As the name suggests, Ashton’s UMK49 is a 49 note keyboard. The range of the UMK49 isn’t limited to just 49 notes though, these may be shifted up or down by a number of octaves offering the same range as a larger 88 note keyboard. Just like more expensive controller keyboards, a pitch bend and modulation wheel live to the left of the keys as does as a fader and three control buttons.

Four Rotary Encoders are included that allow you to quickly switch between two banks for added control of your software applications. With a full MIDI implementation chart and function keys, access is provided to all of the standard MIDI control messages required for making music.

Measuring 80 x 25 x 7cm, the Ashton UMK49 weighs in at a lightweight 3.1kg, making it perfect for home studios where space is an issue. The UMK49 is also perfectly suited to on-stage use especially if you require a MIDI Cotroller Keyboard where both size and weight are important.

Ashton have designed the UMK49 to be extremely portable, quick to set-up and provide tactile and easy control of your favourite software without being overly demanding of the user’s knowledge.

As a Reviewer for Mixdown Magazine wrote when he reviewed the UMK49, “For the beginner looking to take the plunge into the world of computer music, Ashton’s UMK49 makes it all too easy at a price that is very affordable.”

Ashton UMK49 Features:

– Multi-functional 49 Key Controller Keyboard
– Assignment Components (Slider, Pedal, Pitch Bend, Modulation Wheel and More)
– Drive Free and Hot Plug Support
– Compatible with Windows XP/VIST and MAC OS X
– Compatible with Major Sequencer Software
– USB and MIDI Connection Options
– Designed in Australia
– 2 Selectable banks of four endless rotary knobs
– Each rotary knob is assignable to any MIDI function for use with external MIDI equipment or VST-synthesisers
– USB Buss powered
– One Year warranty

Ashton UMK49 Dimensions:

– 80cm wide
– 25cm deep
– 7cm high
– 3.1kg

Ashton UMK49 Connections

– USB (includes USB cable)
– Pedal (switching or continuous)
– 12V power input jack. 12V DC Positve-Tip 500MA adapter (this is only needed when USB power is not available)



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