Valencia VC350 Series Travel Guitar Guitarlele – Traveller Guitar



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A versatile, ultra-compact size instrument, the Valencia Series 350 nylon-string Travel Guitar / GuitarLele is perfect for guitar players looking for a travel guitar, as well as, ukulele players discovering guitar playing for the first time. With six strings tuned to A-D-G-C-E-A in standard guitar intervals, the instrument is ideal for extended–range ukulele arrangements or for the player wanting a smaller bodied guitar.

Thanks to its spruce top and mahogany body the Series 350 provides a rich and full sound despite its compact size. The mahogany neck features a 52mm (1 1/16th”) nut width for the feel of a full size guitar. With extra touches like a real-bone bridge saddle, rosewood fingerboard and bridge along with chrome tuners the Valencia Series 350 guitar plays and sounds as good as it looks.


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