Mini Bongo Drums Red Dadi 4½” & 5″ Natural Skins Bongos Plastic Shells


the ideal instrument for children or to take to the beach….

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Mini Bongo Drums Red Dadi 4½” & 5″ Natural Skins Bongos

D A D I   p e r c u s s i o n


mini latin bongo drums

one four and a half and one five inch tuneable heads

durable plastic bases

the ideal instrument for children!


BONGO DRUMS…a quick explanation

Bongo drums are two drums joined together, consisting of one large and one smaller drum. Bongos are an integral component in Latin music, specifically music deriving from Latin America and are therefore often referred to as Latin Bongos. Believed to have originated in the islands between North and South America, there are variants in Africa, particularly in Egypt as well as other Middle Eastern countries. They tend to differ slightly from the Latin drums with ceramic rather than timber bases.

Most Bongo drums have a wooden base (also called a “shell”), and are tuned by tightening the skin over the drum. Metal is sometimes used for the bases but fibreglass and plastic are becoming increasingly popular materials due in part to their durability but also because their light weight aids in the resonance of the heads thereby improving tone.

Their sizes vary according to player preferences, but there is almost always a size difference between the two drums. When played, they are held between the knees and tapped with the fingers.

Bongo drums first rose to popularity in the late 19th century with the advent of the salsa, mambo and the rumba dance forms. The late 1950s and early 1960s saw a new wave of Bongo players amongst young people with Jazz and Folk music. Today Bongos are as popular as ever. Percussionists, Music Teachers, World Music and Roots musicians are all embracing the humble (but fun) Bongo drums!


At southcoastmusic we are aware of the importance of offering quality instruments that introduce students to the wonderful world of percussion. Bongos are a great example. We believe that as well as being affordable they should be tuneable and sound good too!

These DADI mini bongos are well-made from durable plastic and feature 12cm (4½”) & 15cm (5″) shells. The shells feature built-in feet as well as black comfort curve rims and tension rods. Surprisingly, in spite of their low price, they are fitted with tuneable natural hide heads. A tuning wrench is also included.

Despite their affordable price, these  bongos are not toys…they are a real musical instrument and a great way to get young children into music

DADI mini bongos features:

Smaller Drum diameter: 12cm (4½”)
Larger Drum diameter: 15cm (5″)
Overall height: approx 12cm (4½”)
Durable moulded plastic shells
Black Comfort Curve rims
Black Comfort Curve tension rods
Tuning Wrench included
Natural Hide Heads
Feet integrated into moulded plastic shells
12 month warranty against manufacturing faults




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