KRK KNS 6400 Studio Monitoring Headphones HIFI Pro Stereo Headphones Professional

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KRK Headphones provide a precise listening experience that takes you from personal studio to commercial studio to on-the-go track evaluations — and they allow you to accurately enjoy your music with the consistent voicing philosophy and honest reproduction top producers, studio musicians, performers and engineers have come to trust. KRK headphones provide incredibly natural frequency response that gives you a reference standard unaffected by your location. Day or night. Studio or home. Without disturbing others. Without compromising your tracks. Passionate about music and interested in experiencing the artist’s vision as it was intended to be heard? Then experience KRK.

Whether you are listening to some tracks, or tracking your next recording, the KNS-6400 gives you the famous KRK sound independent of your monitors. This closed-back around-the-ear design brings you closer to your music, and the highly isolated surround pads give you the freedom to immerse yourself in the sound without having your monitor mix “escape” into open microphones—and keeps live instruments out of what you are monitoring. Having “One Voice” that consistently gives you accurate reproduction of your music or mix will help you achieve just what the artist intended—especially if the artist is you.

Accurate, natural and wide frequency response
Class leading KRK sound clarity, very low-distortion
Precise Imaging and extended LF response
High isolation for both noise rejection and leakage
Detachable and replaceable locking cable
Rotating ear cups for travel and storage
Durable, impact resistant materials throughout
Replaceable ear and head cushions
Lightweight construction for use over long sessions
Adjustable low-pressure headband system
Ear and head cushions utilize advanced memory foam
Self-aligning yoke system ensures the best possible fit

KRK KNS 6400 Features
Voiced to remain true to the character of KRK’s class leading studio monitors, developed with 25 years of years of experience in studio sound.
The latest reference quality frequency response for closed-back, circumaural dynamic headphones.
Newly developed headphone acoustic system bringing a new level of headphone performance for the first time.
Utilizing the latest in acoustic foam technology ensures class leading performance in both reproduction and isolation.
A new standard in headphone comfort, even over extended periods of use, designed to avoid feeling uncomfortable during long sessions. The special foam conforms to the ear to help ensure an improved fit.
Exceedingly accurate, natural and wide frequency response.
Large dynamic range with extremely consistent low-distortion detail and clarity.
Extended low frequency definition, ensures the bass component of your music is accurately reproduced, and is not lost.
Transparent reproduction of high-frequencies, resulting in highly accurate imaging.
High-efficiency Neodymium 40mm driver.
High durability 2.5m single-sided straight cable with oxygen-free copper wires.
Adjustable, foldable earphone cups provide comfort and portability.
Replaceable cable, head, and ear cushions to ensure long product life.
Soft carrying case embossed with the KRK logo for travelling engineers, or storage when not in use.
1/4″ stereo jack plug can be unscrewed to reveal a 1/8″ stereo plug for laptops and portable media players.

KRK KNS 6400 Technical Specifications
Configuration: Closed back, circumaural
System type:Monitor Headphones
Cable: 2.5 m, (8.2 ft.), 99.99% OFC detachable
Ear Cushion type:Acoustic cellular foam [KNS-6400]
Headpad Finish:Leatherette [KNS-6400]
Nominal Headband Pressure:4 N (based on average head size)
Ambient Noise Isolation: up to 26 dBA [KNS-6400]
Tranducer: 40mm, neodymium
Power Handling Full Range:1000mW
Nominal Impedance: 36 ohms
Frequency Response:10Hz to 22KHz
Sensitivity (1mW):95 dB SPL
Calculated Max SPL:122 dB SPL
Connector:Gold-plated stereo 1/8″ (3.5 mm)
Volume Control:N/A
Finish:Black impact resistant plastic
Dimensions:3.7″ (94mm) x 10.5″ (267mm) x 9.6″ (244mm)
Weight:0.46 Lbs. (0.21Kg)

*Ratings based on continuous power specifications


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