Coated Monster Cleartone Electric Guitar Strings Set Heavy Drop C# Gauge 12-60


The Coated Monster Cleartone Electric Guitar Strings Set Heavy Drop C# Gauge 12-60 Include FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE WITH TRACKING!

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Cleartone MONSTER Coated ELECTRIC guitar strings

HEAVY DROP C# gauge .12″ to .60″

These are great strings!

Introducing Cleartone Strings, World renowned guitar builder, Jean Larrivee has officially announced that Cleartone Brand Strings will become their factory original equipment string brand for all Larrivee Guitars exclusively. “Cleartone is simply a great product” says Jean Larrivee, of Larrivee Guitars. “Our company’s reputation was established by relying on the highest quality of craftsmanship possible… For us Cleartone Strings are a natural choice.”

“EMP” Enhanced Molecular Protection is what gives Cleartone strings their amazing long life with virtually no loss in tone or playability.” Everyone agrees that coated strings last longer than uncoated strings. And everyone agrees that uncoated strings sound better. You want the lifespan of coated strings with the brightness and feel of an uncoated set. Impossible problem? Not anymore. Cleartone Brand Guitar Strings has created Treated Strings; a long lasting string with a protective film that is so thin that Guitar and Bass players will never feel it. Yet with more durability than coated strings and resists flaking and “crustiness” longer. Buy a set today and see what the next generation of Treated Strings can do for you.

” I tried coated strings like everyone else; I didn’t like them.
Cleartone are so bright and responsive, I forgot they were coated.
Bend them in good health.”Tommy Emmanuel – Cleartone Endorsee

Coated strings you’ve played in the past use tone killing layers of material. The coating gets in between the winds and inhibit vibration. Instead, Cleartones feature the thinnest coating in the industry. At one micron, they feel and sound like traditional strings but with the added benefit of 3-5x string life. In fact, Cleartone strings were tested to be up to 36% louder than the leading coated string brand according to an independent sound lab.

Designed specifically for Drop C# tuning, this Cleartone low tuning set features heavier gauge guitar strings for that extra tension you need. With one micron coating, the EMP Treatment (Enhanced Molecular Protection) is then applied to all 6 strings to ensure longest tonal life without compromises.


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