Curt Mangan Boutique Fusion Matched PURE NICKEL electric guitar string set 9–42 Made in the USA

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Curt Mangan® 15009

Boutique Fusion Matched Guitar Strings

Curt Mangan® .009″ – .042″ ELECTRIC GUITAR PURE NICKEL Set.


Individual String Gauges:

E .009″
B .011″
G .016″
D .024″
A .032″
E .042″

String Length: 43 inches

These are PURE NICKEL Strings – made from the highest quality Nickel in Colorado…very strong and sturdy, yet punchy and bright!
Please check out the review below…

“Just tried out my first set of Curt Mangan’s, bought my usual gauge but tried the pure nickel for the first time. These strings are punchy, bright yet controllable and they feel different under my fingers, like they’ll put up with whatever I throw at them. Bends, finger-picking, strumming and single note lead limes all translate well through these strings. I just noticed they carry a 9.5 gauge so I am trying those out next. That custom gauge sounds perfect for my style. Best strings ever!”

Curt Mangan®

Located in Cortez, Colorado USA, the Curt Mangan® string factory builds over 400 boutique, premium quality single strings and 250 packaged sets for acoustic, electric and classical guitar, acoustic and electric bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, bajo sexto and quinto, plus other instruments with hand-crafted-pride.

The company takes pride in being a “small company’ dedicated to making great strings with “big tone.” The company also enjoys the personal contact they have with their customers. Many players believe Curt Mangan® FusionMatched® strings are the best guitar strings ever made.

“FusionMatched” is the term used to describe the proprietary thought process used to create the recipe for each and every single string gauge Curt Mangan offer which includes the choice on wire maker, custom-built machines, core-to-wrap ratios and other key factors essential for the tone, intonation and longevity that have made Curt Mangan® strings the succes story they are today.

We do not believe in “smoke and mirror” marketing for strings. Truth is at some point every string must speak for itself. It either is or it is not the real deal. Curt Mangan® strings are the real deal.

Since launching the company in 2004, Curt Mangan® FusionMatched® strings are available right across the USA, in more than 20 countries and are used by more than 800 Recording Artists around the World.

Curt Mangan who has a 50-year history with the guitar and he still plays and records professionally as he has done for over 40-years. Curt Mangan was Director of Sales and Marketing for Ernie Ball for seventeen years before taking his innovative ideas for string making and starting his own company from scratch.

Curt Mangan® FusionMatched® strings were developed from the ground up and from a player’s perspective. Every batch of Curt Mangan® strings is play-tested to make sure they feel and sound great. Try Curt Mangan® strings today, you may never look back!


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