Clarkes GOLD Tinplate Kazoo in Individual Cylinder with Instructions


in Beautiful Gift Packaged Tube and History Sheet


Made from the original 1930’s tooling, which allows you to easily change the membrane. Remember don’t blow – hum… Includes history and information.

The Clarke Kazoo is made from 100% selected tinplate and finished in either natural silver or gold lacquer.

  • Metal construction
  • Sound is adjustable by turning the membrane holder
  • Membrane is replaceable
  • Made in England


The Clarke Kazoo produces a pleasant ‘buzzing’ sound when you hum, sing or speak into it.

The quality of the sound is very much dependant on the standard of the player, if you can sing or hum in tune – then you can play the kazoo.

The kazoo is a member of the ‘Membranophone’ musical classification, which is in the percussion instruments, as the sound is created through a stretched membrane.

The New Clarke Kazoo is a quality product through and through, featuring a completely metal construction with a Natural Skin Membrane and protective coating.

Our Kazoo comes with an instruction sheet, and it is presented in a tube shaped container which is perfect for keeping the instrument safe and sound.

Adjusting your kazoo:

  • The membrane holder is threaded so it can be turned clockwise to tighten the membrane or counterclockwise to loosen.
  • Start with the membrane holder just fingertip tight and, while humming into the kazoo, slightly tighten or loosen the holder until the loudest and cleanest sound is produced.
  • Now your kazoo is adjusted for your voice.



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