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These little mixers have become quite popular over the past few years and I remember using one for a number of years in my home studio, and still use it as my on-stage mixer for all my keyboards and samplers, as it really simplifies things for both myself and the engineer. Carrying 8 DI’s around and expecting these be enough channels or lines just for my setup alone at any venue started to become a hassle, as more often than not this couldn’t be accommodated, so the songs and set list would always be compromised and I would always end up slightly to significantly annoyed, depending on the week I has had price. The Ashton MXL8 is similar in design to the model I had and the features that the MXL8 are a savior to any artist who finds them in a similar predicament.

The Benefits

As I mentioned before, the MXL8 will eliminate the need for you to have to use numerous DL’s on stage. The MXL8 features four XLR/Jack mono inputs and each input channel has an associated input gain dial making, it very easy to get the best input level from your microphone or keyboard. Each of these mono channels also has a 100Hz roll off switch to eliminate unnecessary or unwanted low end rumble from microphones or perhaps from your DJ console if you run a deck, for dropping samples as I have recently begun doing. The roll off is great became the samples I use the deck for are just simple scratching and vocal drop-ins so I don’t need any bottom end, and as many of you will know, when on a loud stage with no padding; under your deck the thing really sears to take off at about 50Hz. There is also Treble, Middle and Bass controls on each channel making control over your instrumentation very easy. Each channel also features a Monitor and an Auxiliary output {although both are one of the same really} so you can patch in effects like reverb or delay and run a monitor wedge for foldback. I carry a powered wedge with me as many venues don’t have that many sends of foldback, so I simply patch my wedge into the monitor output and I have no problem hearing myself on stage. I can easily adjust my own volume on stage. I even patched a feel out to the drummer for his dick tracks which I controlled making our stage setup very concise. There are pan controls and volume dials {not fader unfortunately} for each channel as well

Stereo Heaven & Master Section and Other Great Things

So many times I have had to compromise live when it came to whether I could run my keys and samplers in stereo and due to line restraints I had to go everything in mono. The MXL8 features two stereo channels so no more mono keyboards for me. Each of the two stereo channels has all the features of the mono channels, so if versatility is what you are seeking then this mixer is worth checking out. There is also an RCA in and out so you can simple patch you MD or CK lacking serious into your mixer without chewing up additional channels or record your set.


Quite a simple layout when it comes to these types of things. Making its operation in a live and immediate situation a breeze to operate. The simple peak LED’s on each channel as well as the master LED’s give accurate indications of your digital level and became the MXL8 doesn’t have all these extra insignificant dials and meters to confuse you, live performance is a breeze. Even if you want to use it as you home studio mixer it works great in this aspects as well. I would sequence all my trades in the computer, use all my out board samplers and signals then send the stereo mix back into the computer to record the audio. This worked really easy. There are similar units on the marker but for the price of the MXL8 and the fact that it is so basic to use, I think this one sends out for me.

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