TC Electronic RH750 750W Bass Amplifier Head Tone Print Amp Portable Powerful



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Ahead of the Game

RH750 is our flagship compact bass amp, with power for days and a gorgeous, cutting-edge featureset that’s equally equipped to handle the gruelling rigors of harcore touring and the hi-performance demanded in studio- and recording situations.

750 watts
3 Presets
Ultimate Tone Tools
Chromatic Bass Tuner
Power Plus Punch
With 750 watts of power as well as superior tonal capabilities and the well-known Bass Amp 2.0 feature set, RH750 is ready to take on any stage anywhere!

Suit Your Needs
Music is a living thing. Songs have vibes and moods, venues change, tones change and sometimes the job calls for a change in bass. RH750 makes adapting to changes super-easy by allowing store/recall of three presets.

Force Focused
We’ve added SpectraComp™, a whole new way of looking at compression, tailor made for bassists. SpectraComp™ evens out compression equally over all strings, as opposed to just the low E, as is the case with conventional compressors. This results in a rock solid sound that cuts through any mix.


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