Takamine TP3Nc Pro Nex Grand Auditorium Electro Acoustic Guitar with Hard Case

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Takamine’s hand crafted Pro Series TP3NC acoustic electric guitar delivers the finest acoustic sound, style and performance.

Hand crafted by Takamine’s Artisans in Japan, the TP3Nc is a beautiful guitar. The classic Takamine NEX – Grand Auditorium style body features a comfortable Venetian cutaway, elegant appointments, smooth playability and state-of-the-art onboard electronics. The original Takamine NEX style body is a scaled-down Jumbo at heart and delivers a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully.

The premium quality solid Cedar top features hand-scalloped X bracing and ivory binding, with dark purfling and a gorgeous concentric-ring rosette with wood marquetry. Cedar is a wonderful choice for the top typically delivering darker and generally fuller tones. The higher frequencies are sweet with rich harmonic undertones. Cedar also responds well to string attack offering excellent volume making it the ideal choice for finger style players.

The elegant Venetian cutaway offers optimum access to the upper registers.

The unique Takamine split-saddle bone bridge provides faultless intonation and excellent acoustic coupling to the top. Other premium features include a solid Sapele back, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard with wood “dot-in-dot” inlays, gold tuners with amber buttons, natural satin finish and the highly acclaimed CT4B II preamp system with three-band EQ, volume control and built-in tuner.

The CT4B II Preamp is used exclusively in Pro-Series Takamine guitars made in Japan.


The Ct4B II preamp is designed for ease of use and purity of tone. The Ct4B II consists of 3 bands of graphic EQ tone control, a volume control slider and a built-in chromatic tuner.

The 3 band EQ provides control over the bass (LOW), midrange (MID) and treble (HIGH) frequency response. With the sliders set at the midpoint (0) the electric signal from the guitar is evenly balanced across the frequency range. The desired tone is then dialed in by using the sliders to add or subtract frequency response as desired. Each frequency control slider will raise or lower the band response by +/-5db


Takamine’s Palathetic pickup is not a just another under saddle pickup. Using six individually shielded piezo-electric elements – one for each string, this state-of-the-art Takamine design employs twelve times the element mass of the typical under saddle pickup. The six elements penetrate the bridge plate, soundboard and bridge to make direct contact with the saddle creating a sonic linkage with the string. The pickup casing is mechanically attached to the guitars top and bridge creating a sonic linkage with the soundboard. The result of this design is a signal that possesses the articulation of an isolated string signal and the rich harmonic content delivered by the resonating soundboard for a full, complete and accurate acoustic guitar tone at high sound pressure levels.


• Body Shape: NEX Grand Auditorium with Cutaway
• Top: Solid Cedar
• Back: Solid Sapele
• Sides: Sapele
• Bridge: Rosewood Pin-less
• Fingerboard: Rosewood
• Tuners: Gold with Amber buttons
• Rosette: Concentric rings with wooden marquetry
• Inlays: Wood dot-in-dot
• Finish (Top): Satin Natural
• Electronics: Takamine Ct4B II Preamp
• Pickup: Takamine Palathetic® Pickup
• Nut Width (mm): 42.5mm
• Case: Takamine Hard Case
• Warranty: One Year


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