Suzuki Concertino Bb Clarinet CuPro-Nickel Silver Plated Keys


The Suzuki Conertino Collection B Flat Clarinet With Copper Nickel Silver Plated Keys Includes FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE WITH TRACKING!

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Suzuki Concertino Collection Bb Clarinet Outfit

The Suzuki Concertino Collection

For over fifty years, Suzuki has been an important part of school music programs in the United States and around the World. Unique and innovative, our musical instruments bring the joys of music to millions.

The Suzuki Concertino Collection of Band Instruments are designed with professional features such as gold plating, copper mouthpiece receivers, silver keys, Italian pads, matte nickel bodies, post anchors and a host of other exciting upgrades. Presented in dark grey aluminum cases with matching dark grey velvet interiors and accessories. Give your gifted entry or intermediate level player a beautiful Concertino Collection Instrument. Their full compliment of upgraded features will enhance every practice and concert performance and will be treasured for a lifetime.

Best of all, Suzuki Band Instruments are available only from Authorized Suzuki Band Instrument Dealers. These beautiful, brand name musical instruments have one feature no one else can offer . . . value! But that should come as no surprise to the thousands of music educators who already know Suzuki Band & Orchestral products.

See for yourself the attention to detail every instrument offers. Brand name quality at prices you can afford. Professional features for the entry to mid-level player. That’s what we mean by Instruments That Outperform.

Quality Hand Finished Mouthpiece

All Suzuki Concertino Collection Clarinet mouthpieces are constructed of the finest high grade solid plastic. This allows for accurate chamber, rails and tip with a medium close tip opening and lay. Each mouthpiece is hand finished with special emphasis given to the crucial mouthpiece tip. Complete with ligature, 2 reeds and metal mouthpiece cap.

Specially Fabricated CuPro-Nickel, Silver Plated Keys

Designed for maximum playing comfort and key strength, all Suzuki clarinet keys are copper/nickel/silver plated for long lasting beauty. Suzuki Clarinet keys have a professional look and feel. The Keys and key position on all Concertino Collection Clarinets have been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum hand position comfort and ease of play.

Beautifully Engraved Musique Logo

Found on only the most expensive imported professional clarinets, all Suzuki Concertino Collection Clarinets feature beautifully hand engraved logos on every instrument section. This presentation has the quality look, feel and sound of an instrument that costs much more.

Double Bladder Italian Leather Pads

Clarinets have many pads and every one must securely cover and close the tone holes with perfect fit to ensure ease of play and intonation. Suzuki Concertino Collection Clarinets uses only the finest Italian, double bladder pads, not synthetic pads, for long life and exceptional seating characteristics.

Sheet Cork Tenons Make For A Solid Fit

All Suzuki Concertino Collection Clarinets use specially engineered sheet cork. Experienced, trained craftsmen cut, taper and apply the cork so that each clarinet section has a snug, secure fit for years of trouble free performance.

High Quality Precision Japanese Springs

When playing quickly, it is important that all the clarinet keys and pads return to their original position as fast as possible. Suzuki Concertino Collection Clarinets feature precision Japanese springs to ensure precise key movement and accurate play.

Simulated Wood Grain Body

Suzuki Concertino Collection Clarinets have the look and feel of a authentic wood clarinet but at a greatly reduced cost. The finest quality hard rubber body features a simulated wood grain body that is impervious to heat and moisture and provides for a uniform pitch and tone.

Double Post Anchors

Professional quality clarinets feature double post anchors. Double post anchors provide extra strength and stability at strategic points along the clarinet body. This eliminates unwanted vibration and produces a beautiful, consistent tone.

Additional Features:

  • Hard rubber body
  • Simulated Wood Grain finish
  • Two barrels included
  • 14.65mm bore
  • Specially forged keys
  • Double post anchors
  • Beveled tone holes

Buy with Confidence! southcoastmusic is an Authorised Australian Suzuki Musical Instrument Reseller!


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