Samson Auro X12D 1,000-Watt Active Loudspeaker

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S a m s o n   A u r o   X 1 2 D 

1,000-Watt Active Loudspeaker…serious power & sonic purity.

The elements of power, precision and value have inspired Samson’s Auro X12D 1,000-Watt Active Loudspeakers. Lightweight yet resilient, this loudspeaker boasts an impressive 1,000 watts of output power and Samson’s own R.A.M.P. DSP technology for full-range, high definition audio at all volume levels. The Auro X12D is a versatile speaker solution for gigging musicians, DJs and live sound professionals.

The X12D features a lightweight and highly efficient 1,000-watt Class D amplifier and Samson’s R.A.M.P. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. The R.A.M.P. DSP provides Reactive Alignment that continually corrects the audio signal, ensuring a high-integrity linear response. It also offers the speaker and its components with Maximum Protection via over current/temperature sensors and fault indication.

Thanks to its 12″ extended low frequency driver and accompanying 1.34″ compression driver, the X12D generates a well balanced and incredibly articulate audio experience. Its back panel offers two XLR-1/4″ input channels, each with independent volume controls. It also feature a Master Volume control, as well as a 3-position EQ and HPF presets for different applications and setups. Lastly, an XLR Link output lets you expand your sound with the integration of additional powered speakers.

The X12D features a 1 3/8″ speaker stand mount and dual-angle floor monitor positioning options for maximum performance versatility. For additional convenience, the speaker offers two oversized ergonomic carry handles. Lastly, its solid polypropylene construction, impact resistant design and full metal grill ensures roadworthy durability.

Setting a new value standard in loudspeaker performance, Samson’s Auro X12D 1,000-Watt Active Loudspeaker is perfect for sound professionals and dynamic performers seeking serious power and true sonic purity.

  • Compact, lightweight Class D active loudspeakers
  • 1,000 watts of output power
  • 12″ extended range low frequency driver
  • 1.34″ (34mm) titanium compression driver
  • Samson’s R.A.M.P. DSP technology
  • Master Volume control with peak indicator
  • Two XLR-1/4″ combo input channels with independent volume controls
  • 3-position EQ and HPF presets
  • XLR Link output allows expanded sound to additional speakers
  • Solid polypropylene enclosure with impact resistant design
  • Full metal grill protects all speaker components
  • Two large ergonomic carry handles
  • Integrated 1 3/8″ speaker stand mount
  • Dual-angle floor monitor positioning options



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