Line 6 Variax VDI Cable 7.62 metres long (25′) Variax Digital Interface Cable


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*This is the almost impossible to buy GENUINE LINE-6 VDI Cable.

Variax Cable 7.62 metres long (25ft)

If you own a Line 6 Variax, James Tyler Variax or Shuriken, you need this cable to experience seamless integration with the Line 6 FBV foot controller.

The Line 6 VDI cable is the last piece of the puzzle for what is arguably the most powerful  musical audio modeling tool ever created!

Connecting a Variax instrument into Variax Digital Interface equipped products with the Variax Digital Input Cable allows you to seamlessly integrate the Variax’s collection of guitar and/or bass models with the ultimate collection of amps, cabs and effects.

Your entire setup can be transformed instantly into virtually any rig with just the press of a single footswitch. Go from screaming lead with a humbucker guitar, to warm acoustic tones with lush reverb in a split second and more!

The Variax Digital Cable powers all Variax instruments while digitally sending audio and eliminating extra digital-to-analog conversion, allowing you to automate Variax patch changes when using an FBV foot controller with Variax Digital Interface-equipped products


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