Lanikai CK-6EK Curly KOA Tenor Uke 6 String Fishman Kula Acoustic-Electric Ukulele


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Lanikai CK-6EK Curly KOA 6 String Fishman KulaAcoustic-Electric Ukulele

The Curly Koa Series is the pride of Lanikai. The CK-6EKuses Hawaiian Koa that is especially prized for its curly grain. Lanikai makesuse of this exquisite wood by handcrafting the CK series to exactingspecifications. Grown mostly on the island of Oahu, the gorgeous red-hued woodused for the Curly Koa series make these ukuleles look as beautiful as theysound. The CK series comes with die cast tuning machines geared 14/1 for thoseplayers that demand greater control over their tuning. The CK-6EK blends thetraditional with modern innovation. Equipped with the professional gradeFishman Kula system with an on-board tuner and three-band EQ, as well as acutaway for easier access to the neck, the CK-6EK is ready for the studio orplaying live. The CK-6EK comes with doubled C and A strings, like you’d see ona 12-string guitar. If you have never played ukulele before get ready for aworld of fun. The ukulele is an addicting instrument that can and will be takeneverywhere. The standard tuning on a Soprano, Concert, and Tenor ukulele isGCEA, and on a Baritone DGBE. If you can play one ukulele you can play themall! With the easy playability, and included instruction booklet written byMary Lou Dempler you will be playing in a matter of minutes then you’ll see whypeople are saying Lanikai Makes Me Happy!

Features :

Tenor body size
Curly Koa top
Curly Koa back & sides
Rosewood fingerboard
Fishman Kula Electronics
Maple binding
Scale Length: 17.25
Width at Nut: 38mm
Number of Frets: 19

Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm


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