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The Ukulele is experiencing its third renaissance with a wave of popularity that has taken everyone by surprise. Ukulele groups have sprung up everywhere bringing joy and fun to players and audiences alike.

The ukelele or ukulele is a family of instruments that originated in Hawaii. The forerunner of this instrument came to Hawaii with Portuguese fishermen with its ancestry firmly rooted in Iberian cuatro type instruments.

Initially used for traditional and popular music in Hawaii, once it reached western shores the Ukulele was an instant success and was used in British music hall and American Vaudeville. George Formby is still remembered for his skill on the instrument.

Utilising tuning and chord shapes related to the guitar, the Ukulele is very easy to play.


A Unique and Stylish Uke
Totally redesigned for 2014, the Kala Tenor Resonator Ukulele’s lightweight aluminum resonator cone will provide you with a unique, robust tone that is louder and more distinctive than the typical wooden uke. Additionally, the Tenor Resonator’s stylish chrome resonator cover and stunning figured mahogany body will be sure to attract attention. A serious uke with distinctive looks and sound, the Kala Tenor Resonator Ukulele’s robust tone will ensure that your performance is always a memorable one.

Kala Tenor Resonator Ukulele at a Glance:
The Resonator Uke provides a loud and distinctive tone
The Tenor Uke is the perfect size – not too big, not too small
Kala produces expertly-crafted ukeleles
The Resonator Uke provides a loud and distinctive tone
Rather than utilizing a wooden soundboard like a standard ukulele, a resonator ukulele utilizes spun aluminum cones to produce its tone. Resonator ukes were originally designed to be louder than conventional ukuleles so they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by other instruments during a performance. Resonator ukuleles also produce a different and distinctive tone quality. Although resonator ukuleles resemble lap steel guitars, these ukes are typically played in a conventional manner, rather than in a flat or bottleneck style.

The Tenor Uke is the perfect size – not too big, not too small
The concert ukulele – one size larger than the original soprano – was introduced in the 1920s as an “enhanced” soprano, sporting a louder, deeper tone with more body and richness. In the quest for even more volume and deeper bass, the tenor came along shortly thereafter. You’ll find (much to your delight) that the Kala Tenor Resonator Ukulele gives you robust volume for its relatively diminutive size, along with deliciously clear ukulele tone.

Kala produces expertly-crafted ukeleles
Kala is all about the uke. The company lives and breathes ukulele – ukes are all they make, and they make them exceedingly well. In fact, Kala is in no small part responsible for the strong resurgence of interest in the uke that’s been going on since the mid 1990s. They design and manufacture over 120 different models made from a variety of woods, including lacewood, koa, mango, mahogany, flame/spalted maple, bocote, acacia, and the classic spruce top/rosewood back and sides combo.

Kala Tenor Resonator Ukulele Features:
Chrome resonator cover for an eye-catching appearance
Comfortable mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard allows for ease of playing
Custom aluminum spun cone for a loud and distinctive tone
Rosewood biscuit and maple saddle generate a strong fundamental tone with simple overtones
Start strumming in style with the Kala Tenor Resonator Ukulele!

Tech Specs
Size Tenor
Back & Sides Material Mahogany
Binding Material Pearloid
Fingerboard Material Rosewood
Neck Material Mahogany
Strings Aquila Strings
Manufacturer Part Number KA-RES-CHR



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