Fender Tread-Light™ Wah Pedal 0234555000

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FENDER Tread-Light™ Wah Pedal 0234555000

Unable to see your wah pedal in the dark? Don’t cry about it. Fender’s Tread-Light™ Wah Pedal contains a unique, switchable under treadle LED that allows for ease of visibility on stage under any light.

Fender’s Tread-Light™ Wah Pedal features adjustable treble and a three-way top mounted mid-frequency toggle for a variety of versatile tonal options. The internal buffer can be also switched to a buffered or classic wah effect.

Designed by Fender’s in-house team of experts, the Tread-Light™ Wah Pedal is an all-original Fender circuit. The stage-ready chassis and treadle are crafted from lightweight, durable anodised aluminium, with a wooden pad designed for the rigors of live performance. The switchable LED indicates when the pedal is active and ready for use.


• Analog Wah Pedal
• Adjustable 3-Way frequency selector
• Switchable under-treadle LED
• Switchable Internal BufferTreadle torque is adjustable for comfort
• Power with 9V battery or centre negative AC adapter (not included)


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