Dunlop DBFS45105 Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings 45-105


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Dunlop DBFS45105 Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings 45-105

Flatwound bass strings are more popular than they have been in years. Their sound harkens back to the timeless rock, funk, and R&B recordings that helped define the role of modern bass players. More and more of those players are looking to the flatwound sound for new inspiration that’s informed by a classic aestheti

Dunlop Flatwound Bass Strings embody that sensibility. They provide a clear, solid fundamental and superior tonal versatility. Rolling off your bass’ tone knob takes you from a modern punchy and articulate sound to that classically deep, mellow thump flatwound strings are famous for. Each set is carefully designed for lower tension and consistent string to string tone and outpu

The next time you open up a pack of Dunlop guitar or bass strings, you will notice we’ve done away with the plastic bag and desiccant pack in favor of new VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) paper envelopes. These envelopes have VCI technology built into the paper itself, creating a barrier of protection around the string and keeping out moisture and rust. VCI is invisible and leaves no trace on the string. Dunlop Strings come out of the package as fresh as the day they were mad


  • String Count: 4-String Set
  • Winding: Flat Wound
  • Scale: Long
  • Gauge Description: Standard
  • String Gauges: 45 65 85 105
  • Wrap Material: Stainless Steel
  • Coated?: No
  • Brand: Dunlop
  • MFR Product Number: DBFS45105


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