Dunlop CBM105Q Crybaby Mini Bass Wah Pedal


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Half the size of a typical bass wah, the Dunlop CBM105Q Cry Baby Bass Mini Wah pedal is tuned to give bass players smooth wah effects that don’t mess with the low-end tone. Volume and Q controls are present to optimize the effect for your rig. And because it handles low frequencies well, without taking the punch and power out of your tone, Rock Island Sound is sure this will be a big hit with down-tuned guitarists as well. For a wah pedal that helps you maintain your low-end presence, check out the Dunlop CBM105Q Cry Baby Bass Mini Wah.


  • Classic Cry Baby wah tone for electric bass
  • Also great for down-tuned guitars
  • Volume and Q controls to fine-tune your sound
  • Optimized for bass frequencies
  • External Q and Volume controls
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Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm


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