Promark DK30 Professional Low Torque 2-way Ratchet Drum Tuning Key


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The ProMark Low Torque ratchet is designed primarily for use on low-tension drums such as drum set, concert toms, concert bass drums, etc. It features a comfortable rubber grip over a tool-steel handle. The key is built to automotive tool standards, which means it is exceptionally rugged and will stand up to the most demanding conditions.

ProMark offers a wide variety of accessories to meet the needs of any drummer/percussionist. From stick/mallet storage solutions to ergonomic drum keys, ProMark has the tools to make your life as a musician easier.

For over 50 years, ProMark has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drumsticks, mallets and percussion accessories.

Owned and operated by D’Addario & Co., the Houston, Texas based ProMark company produces products used globally by the greatest drummers and percussionists in the world, including Neal Peart, Phil Collins, Simon Phillips, Ringo Starr and many more!

ProMark – Make Your Mark.

  • Low tension ratchet key for quick tuning
  • Elongated bit provides easy access to any tension rod
  • Durable rubber grip provides comfort
  • 2-way ratchet design makes tensioning/de-tensioning easy at any angle
  • ProMark products are designed, engineered and almost exclusively manufactured in the USA at their Texas facility to the most stringent quality controls in the industry
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