CNB MA310 Microphone Case Holds 6 Mics & is Lockable



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MA310 road-style microphone case by C.N.B.
c a s e a n d b a g m a k e r s t o t h e w o r l d

holds up to 6 microphones with mic clips and accessories


The CNB MA310 Microphone Case is an excellent road-style case designed to carry up to 6 handheld microphones and accessories. It is ideal for a number of applications including Touring Bands, Theatre Productions, Schools, Houses of Worship and more.

The CNB MA310 features a plywood shell with a polyethylene exterior coating. The extruded aluminum valance is tongue and grooved for extra roadworthiness and there is ribbed aluminium angle on the edges offering further protection for your precious microphones. There are also chrome plated guards riveted onto each corner. The interior is covered with quality foam rubber.

The CNB MA310 Holds 6 hand-held microphones (SM58 or similar style) in padded individual microphone drop compartments. The case also provides plenty of space for cables, accessories and mic clips.$(KGrHqIOKpMFG7DQipwcBR16VNVkCg~~60_3.JPG

CNB MA310 road-style microphone case features:
Hardshell case
Aluminium valence and edging
Black and silver finish
Interior Dimensions: 37.5cm (Total Width) x 24.5cm (Total Depth) x 18cm (Total Height)
Accessory Storage Compartment Dimensions: 18cm (W) x 24.5cm (D) x 18cm (H)
Diameter of Top of Individual Mic Compartments: 4cm
Exterior Dimensions: 38cm (W) x 26cm (D) x 22cm (H).

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