Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Mic Live & Studio Use



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Few things are more essential to recording or live performance than dynamic microphones. BEHRINGER’s XM8500 has the crucial features and durability to come through for your sound again and again.

Dynamic mics have several advantages that make them ideal for live vocal applications and for recording amplified instruments. They’re robust, resistant to moisture and can achieve high gain before feedback. The XM8500’s cardioid pickup pattern captures the source signal, such as a guitar amplifier or vocalist, while shunning off-axis sound.

The XM8500 provides an amazing frequency response of 50 Hz to 15 kHz, and includes a two-stage pop filter to minimize breath and pop noises. And with its tough metal construction and sturdy steel windscreen, you can count on it to come through after countless gigs and studio applications. We’ve even included a rugged hard case with a mic clip and stand adapter.


50 Hz to 15 kHz frequency response
Cardioid characteristic with excellent feedback suppression
Shock mount system reduces handling noise
Two-stage pop filter minimizes breath and pop noises
Sturdy, reliable metal construction and electromagnetic shielding
Delivered in a rugged hard case with microphone clip and stand adapter


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