Aquila 1U Ukulele SOPRANO String Set Regular Tuning Key of C – GCEA Gut Strings



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AQUILA 1U set Soprano Ukulele g c e a – Regular Tuning
key of C All strings are made of genuine gut String length approx. 60 cm
Natural gut strings combine excellent promptness of attack with brilliance of timbre
very different from modern nylon strings. Since the Ukulele appeared approx. in 1874 gut strings was the only choice available.
The gut strings initially used were those of the Violin first and second string and then in the 30s
appeared the specific set for Ukulele. By the production of modern synthetic materials and in particular of Nylon 1938
the strings to use music finally ensured a low cost a good long life and high stability to climate changes. Despite this
with the decline of gut something important was lost its special feel and its ability to imitate at best human voice
this quality for decades could not be recovered. Made by hand as before the gut strings of this set allows you to enjoy the authentic sounds of the Roaring Twenties .
For centuries all natural gut strings were the only choice available to musicians. With modern production capabilities and the advent of nylon plastic came a longer lasting
more consistent string that was also more impervious to climate and humidity changes; HOWEVER as it is with many modern improvements something was lost.
The feel and action of true gut strings can t be matched. And to some the authentic traditional tone produced by gut strings can t be replaced either. Made from multiple strands of real animal not cat intestines
gut strings are the result of a slow painstaking process that requires a relentless attention to detail.Aquila pursues the ways of Italy s past to bring the finest gut strings available today.
These strings also make an excellent choice for your vintage instruments.

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