Aeromic EMic T4 Aerobic & Fitness Headset Microphone with HRS Line Socket Connector for use with Audio Technica Transmitters

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The EMic Aeromic Fitness Audio Headset Microphone


• Wired with HRS Line Socket Connector for use with Audio Technica Transmitters
• Designed, Engineered and Built in Australia
• 12 month warranty for up to 20 classes a week
• Noise cancelling, waterproof capsule
• Sealed, reinforced frame with adjustable head band
• Steel cable not copper wire and a sweat protected connector for improved durability
• Proprietary Shrink Wrap Schematic for Connector Sweat Protection
• Triple Capsule Protection – PHAT Frame technology
• 5 times stronger than previous AM/CM models
• Sweat Boot technology at the connector for improved durability
• No windscreens or foam pads to replace
• Can be wired to suit most brand transmitters, including Fitness Audio & Shure
• Available in a range of vibrant colours!

When a big brand basic headmic just doesn’t cut it for sweaty fitness – it’s time for an EMic headset!

This amazing product is made right here in Australia! Sold around the world, the EMic headset microphone is the perfect solution for your Gym and Fitness Studio.

It’s the ‘E for Exercise’, sweat-protected headmic for the independent fitness Instructor that’s suitable for most Group Fitness instruction at the 2-to-3 classes a day level.

The EMic headset is also perfect for less hectic studios such as Circuit and Boxing classes. The noise-cancelling capsule makes it ideal for gentle exercise teaching like Yoga, Pilates and Aqua Fitness – whether indoors or out. It’s also great coupled with our Portable PA Systems.

Don’t put up with mics that have expensive windscreens, mics that fall off your head and don’t fit, mics that bounce around in front of your face reducing your voice volume, or mics that have weird and uncomfortable temple pressure pads. It’s time to get your own mic – get an EMic! We can wire it with a connector for all the major (or minor) brands including:

• Ashton
• Smart Audio
• Fitness Audio
• Chiayo
• MiPro
• Shure
• Sennheiser
• Samson
• Redback
• EV Electrovoice
• Audio-Technica

Please contact us by phone or email with the brand of your transmitter (battery pack, belt pack) prior to purchasing so that we can make sure that we fit the correct connector for your wireless beltpack.

The EMic headset is available in a great range of colours!

The big advantage of the different colour EMics is that you and your fellow instructors can all have their own individually coloured Head Set Mics that plug into your studio’s wireless beltpack system – of course the headsets would all require the same connector.

Please select your colour of choice from the dropbox above.


EMic Colours

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