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96 kHz sampling brings out the original sound character of the bass

The fundamental frequencies of an electric bass are about 40 to 600 Hz, but harmonics go all the way up to the ultrasonic frequency range. Many conventional pedal effects make the low end sound thin and lifeless. This usually is not only because of insufficient response in that range, but also because the harmonics are not handled properly.

The B2 series from ZOOM makes such problems history. 24-bit resolution and a sampling frequency of 96 kHz ensure signal processing power on a par with the best rack-mount devices. The dynamic, wide-range bass signal retains its full impact, and the result is clear, powerful sound that remains a distinct presence also when playing in a band ensemble.
ZOOM original 32-bit DSP Z FX-3

The heart of any multi-effect device is its processor and decoder section. ZOOM elevates performance to the next level with its newly developed Z FX-3 chip. 32-bit architecture means outstanding accuracy and smooth and detailed signal processing. Fine nuances of fingering and touch come through without any deterioration.
Great bass amp sounds for any situation

Sophisticated bass amp modeling allows you to adjust parameters such as speaker cabinet characteristics and low-range response in three levels. Get the dynamic, high-impact bass sound of a large cabinet even with flat-response systems. This is handy when using headphones or studio monitors, or when playing through a small combo amp or other bass amp with low output power. Alternatively, turn the cabinet effect off and use only the characteristics of the amp head. Create your very own bass amp sound and get it whenever and wherever you want, even when using a series of different bass amplifiers on stage.
Six-band linear EQ or two-band parametric EQ offer total flexibility

Center frequency allocation and filter slopes of the built-in six-band EQ are optimized for bass guitar. Peaking type filters in the middle range 150Hz, 450Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz are augmented by shelving type filters at the low and high end 70Hz and 6kHz . This ensures the shortest possible route from creative idea to actual sound. Further flexibility is offered by the possibility to switch to a two-band parametric EQ, for delivering a pin-point boost or cut. The B2 series lets you really take control.
Two bass synthesizer types with different filtering and internal waveforms

The full-fledged bass synthesizer uses the built-in DSP sound source triggered by the input bass sound. Select from a choice of three waveform settings sawtooth, square, PWM and create sounds of incredible power and resonance. Two types of filtering with excellent tracking are also available, for playing melodious solo phrases.
13 different bass amp and stomp box modeling choices

By digitally simulating the clipping action of analog devices such as tubes and diodes, the unit faithfully duplicates the characteristics of tube amps and vintage effects. Going far deeper than the superficial tone , this also includes elements such as depth and dynamics. Freely adjust the mix between drive sound and original sound to create deep distortion while your bass delivers a real punch.

AMPEG SVT + 810E All-tube bass amplifier incorporating original Super Valve Technology. Thanks to its gutsy drive sound, it has remained one of the most popular bass amps ever.
Marshall 1992 Super Bass + 1935A A vintage tube amp featuring the characteristic warm and mild Marshall overdrive sound. Great for the active bass player leading a band.
SWR SM-900 + Goliath By mounting a tweeter in the speaker cabinet, this bass amp succeeds in combining a rich low end with clear highs. Very popular among slap bassists.
Acoustic 360 + 301 Solid-state amp embraced by many top bassists of the seventies and eighties. Boomy midrange and warm low end are its major features.
Hartke HA3500 + 4.5XL With its aluminum-cone speaker, this bass amp achieves clear reproduction over the entire range. Famous for its great response and transparent sound that preserves the original character of the instrument.
Fender Bassman 100 + 4 x 12 cabinet Tube amplifier with silver faceplate from the early days of the electric bass. Creates a vintage bass sound that is a perfect match for melodious phrases.
Trace Elliot AH-500 + 1048H 1518 500W high-power bass amp with a firm core and distinct contours. Makes those phrases flow easily and smoothly for Rock and Pop.
Tube Preamp ZOOM original Simulates a high-class tube preamp such as used in recording studios. Creates fat and supple sound.
SANSAMP BASS DRIVER DI This amp simulator recreates the characteristic drive feeling of a tube device. A favorite for live performance and for recording.
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Stomp box often used as booster for tube amps. Produces natural overdrive sound that clearly brings out those picking nuances.
BOSS ODB-3 The ODB-3 is designed specifically for bass and belongs to the famous Boss OD series of distortion stomp boxes. It produces aggressive distortion characterized by flashy highs.
MXR BASS D.I.+ Preamp incorporating a pedal type DI function for the clean channel and distortion channel. The B2 series simulates the sound of the distortion channel with its solid body.
Dallas-Arbiter FUZZ FACE Fuzz pedal famous for its unique round face design. Vintage fuzz sound fueled by the destructive energy of germanium diodes.

* Manufacturer names and product names mentioned in this table are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The names are used only to illustrate sonic characteristics and do not indicate any affiliation with the Zoom Corporation or Samson Technologies Corp.
47 high-quality effects implemented with 32-bit processing

Nine modules dedicated to aspects such as dynamics, drive, modulation, and ambience offer a total of 47 effects. Because the effects are optimized for the bass guitar range, you can freely create various sonic scenarios without impairing the bass foundation of the ensemble sound. A limiter compressor lets you control peaks and ensure that levels are matched. The auto wah and resonance filter are indispensable for playing that funky sound. The octaver creates a wave of energy in the ultra-low range. The defret effect gives you the sweet tone and smooth transients of a fretless bass. Other features include delay with settings to 5000 ms and hold function, tape echo for that vintage feeling, crystal-clear stereo chorus, as well as flanger, phaser, pitch shifter and many other studio-class effects.
The right tools for the job

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