Yamaha Gigmaker PLUS Fusion Drum Kit Blue Ice Glitter Finish with Paiste PST3 Cymbals


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YAMAHA GIGMAKER PLUS FUSION KIT – blue ice glitter finish




The Yamaha Gigmaker drum set is exactly what any beginner or intermediate player would love to play. With superior Yamaha construction, Tone and Playability, it is also the perfect drum kit for schools.

Rolled drum shells, precision bearing edges, ball-clamp tom holders, professional standard double braced hardware and the most amazing Blue Ice Glitter finish.

In typical Yamaha fashion and unlike most drum sets at this price point, this Yamaha GigMaker Drum Set features matching wood Bass Drum Hoops for superior tone and playability.

This drum set utilises all Yamaha hardware featuring hex tom ball joints and double braced stands.

Glitter Finish

Yamaha’s Gigmaker Drum Kits feature Vibrant, eye-catching sparkle colour variations that deliver the same stage-worthy appearance that you’d normally only expect from high-end models.

Double Braced Harware

All Gigmaker hardware has cleared Yamaha’s severe quality and durability tests. Double-braced construction ensures maximum stability, minimising the possibility of potentially damaging or hazardous falls.

Matching Wood Bass Drum Hoops

The same type of wood bass drum hoops used in Yamaha’s high-end models are supplied as standard with Gigmaker sets. The wood hoops are colour-matched to the drum shells for consistently classy looks.

Paiste PST3 Cymbal Pack

Paiste PST3 cymbals are made from a specially selected sonorous brass/copper alloy (MS63 brass) and represent a breakthrough combination of quality and value along with superior sound and appearance. The PST3 Pack consists of a pair of 14″ Hi-Hats along with a 16″ Crash and 20″ Ride cymbal.


This Gigmaker PLUS Fusion configuration kit comprises the following:

– 20″ x 16″ 7 Ply Bass Drum
– 10″ x 8″ 6 Ply Mounted Tom
– 12″ x 9″ 6 Ply Mounted Tom
– 14″ x 14″ 6 Ply Floor Tom
– 14″ x 5.5″ matching Wood Snare Drum
– Basswood/Poplar shell construction
– 8 lugs on kick drum
– 8 lugs on snare drum
– 6 lugs on mounted toms and floor tom
– 1.6mm steel triple-flange hoops
– Double Braced SS650WA Snare Stand
– Double Braced HS650WA Hi-Hat Stand
– Double Braced CS651WA Straight Cymbal Stand
– Double Braced CS665 Boom Cymbal Stand
– FP6110A Kick Pedal
– Double Braced Height Adjustable Drum Throne
– Includes a set of Paiste 101 cymbals
– Silver Glitter Finish
– Pressed Metal Hoops for Toms and Snare Drum
– Wooden Bass Drum Hoops
– Paiste PST3 Cymbal Set



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