TC1K VALENCIA 1/4 size Classical Nylon String Guitar Package



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VALENCIA 1/4 size Classical Guitar Package.

Basswood top, back and sides.

Nato neck with ebonized hardwood fingerboard.

Inset sound- hole rosette.

Nickel machine heads.

Natural gloss.


1/4 quarter size CLASSICAL GUITAR

When you’re sick and tired of getting the runaround, not receiving what you’ve paid for – being misled about the quality of the goods and dealing with a cranky salesperson that has no idea what they’re selling or even talking about…let southcoastmusic take the hassle out of buying on ebay.

The classical guitar, sometimes also called a Spanish guitar (referring to its origin, not the music played on it) or nylon string guitar, is a musical instrument from one of the most popular family of musical instruments.

The classical guitar differs from the acoustic or folk guitar by nylon strings (the bass strings usually being of nylon wound with a thin metallic “thread”) which are usually plucked by the guitarists fingers. A plectrum may also be used. Classical guitars are favoured by students and Teachers for their softer feeling strings which are much more gentle on little fingers than steel string guitars.

The name classical guitar does not mean that only classical music is performed on it – instead all kinds of music (classical, jazz, folk, etc.) can be and are performed on it.

Valencia have been delighting budding musicians with their hand crafted instruments since the 1970’s…even my Guitar students used them at Mitcham Primary School in Adelaide in the 1980’s!

The Valencia TC1 carries on that fine Tradition!

The Valencia TC1 is classical guitar built to a much higher standard than the asking price would indicate. Rest assured this is not a toy and it is definitely NOT one of the many items masquerading as a musical instrument that are so often found for sale on the Internet or in supermarkets today and end up in our store completely unplayable. Valencia have been building guitars for 40 years. You will not find them for sale alongside cheap cameras and perfume. They are real guitars made for people who really want to play music!

  • Quality Basswood top, back and sides – for beautiful tone!
  • Hand Crafted – built by real Guitar Makers and Luthiers – everything fits, everything works!
    Nato neck – resistance to twisting and allows for thinner profile for easier playing!      
  • Ebonised hardwood fingerboard – long lasting and accurate placement of frets for correct intonation!
  • Inset soundhole rosette – not a cheap sticker, adds class and elegance!
    Nickel Geared machine heads – smooth action and easy tuning!
  • Nylon strings – Warm tone and easy on beginner’s fingers!
    Amber Gloss finish  – Timeless Classic Look!

    TWO YEAR Australia wide warranty – for your quality assurance and peace of mind!
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