Suzuki MCF-1 Master Class Flute Key of C Silver Plated – Flute by Suzuki in carry case

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Entry/Intermediate Level

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Suzuki MCF-1 Master Class Flute Entry/Intermediate Level, Key of C Silver Plated


  • Key Of C Deluxe Flute Outfit, Everything Included- Even a 1-Year Warranty!
  • Deluxe, Lightweight Aluminum “ROADIE” Style Case With Foam Fittings
  • Accessories: Cleaning Rod, Tenon Grease, Polishing Cloth, Care, Maintenance & Assembly Guide
  • High Grade Silver Plated Head Joint, Body And Keys With Beveled Undercut Blowhole And Accurate Chimney Placement
  • Rich, Warm Sound With Excellent Intonation In All Registers
  • Teacher Recommended

Product description

Suzuki proudly offers Master Class Series, a collection of band instruments for the entry and intermediate level player. Each instrument has been specially designed with professional features, indestructible cases, helpful accessories, assembly and care instructions and website support to ensure the beginning musician every opportunity to succeed. The Suzuki flute carries a combination of features that create ease of blowing, great intonation and even register response. A special beveled undercut blow hole assures accurate chimney placement giving the beginning flute player greater pitch control in all registers. The Flute outfit includes a rugged aluminum “Roadie” case, cleaning rod, Tenon grease and polishing cloth.


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