Odyssey Debut OFL100 Student Flute Outfit Nickel Plated with Case

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Odyssey Debut OFL100 Student Flute Outfit Nickel Plated with Case

The Odyssey Debut C flute has a clear and bright sound with a distinctive warmth, refinement and subtlety to its tone.

Meticulously designed by British Master Atelier, Peter Pollard, the Odyssey range of band and orchestral instruments offer excellent tone, playability and quality for the serious student – or those coming back to the instrument after many years. It’s hardly surprising then, with over 50 years experience and having worked with countless high profile musicians and educators, this master craftsman is one of the most sought after custom brass and woodwind builders in the world.

At southcoastmusic, we recognise the significant contribution that an instrument makes to the willingness of a student to persevere, practice, pursue the process of learning to control and master the instrument, enjoy making music and progress.

The Odyssey Debut ‘C’ Flute’s modest price tag is just one of the features that have made it a favourite with musicians and teachers in Great Britain and now around the world. Designed by Peter Pollard to be easy blowing, with great tonality and exceptional playability, ensuring those first steps are giant leaps.

The response, intonation and all around performance of the Odyssey Debut ‘C’ Flute coupled with the high quality materials, make this an ideal instrument for the first time player, teacher and professional musician.

As a company producing some of the world’s finest brasswind instruments, Odyssey recognise the fact that protection whilst travelling with a delicate instrument is paramount. To ensure players can maintain a high standard with this instrument, Odyssey has included a cleaning cloth and rod, and a durable ABS plush lined case takes all the worry out of commuting with such a delicate instrument.

Odyssey Debut Flute Specifications

• Key of C
• Rolled tone holes
• Nickel-plated body and headjoint
• Lip plate and embouchure hole designed for ease of blowing
• Silver-plated keys
• Offset G key
• Stainless steel rods, springs and pins
• Adjustment screws
• Quality pads
• ABS plush lined case
• Accessories: Cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, instruction leaflet
• One Year Warranty

Taking proper care of your instrument will also help you produce the best sound quality possible – we also offer a comprehensive range of accessories to help you clean and care for your instrument.


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