Maton Tenor-E Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele with LR Baggs Pickup Solid Blackwood Construction Ebony Fretboard in Case


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Maton Tenor-E Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele

· All solid Victorian Blackwood Construction
· Stripey Ebony Fretboard and Bridge
· Genuine Bone Nut and Saddle
· LR Baggs Active Preamp
· Maton Hard Case
· Pro-SCM setup

The Maton Tenor ukulele is the result of combining the best of traditional ukulele design with 21st century production techniques.

Maton guitars are played by some of the world’s most accomplished musicians and their extensive experience in fine tuning Australian tonewoods has resulted in a range of instruments with rich, full and intriguing tone. Maton have applied this knowledge to produce a beautiful ukulele which evokes the timeless sounds of the classic Hawaiian ukuleles of yesterday.

This is not the first time Maton has produced ukuleles. A series of Maton soprano ukuleles were produced in the 1960s, many of which have become the irreplaceable favourites of some of Australia’s best ukulele players.

Victorian Blackwood is a favourite tonewood used by Maton. A member of the Acacia family along with Hawaiian Koa – the timber traditionally used for the construction of ukuleles, it makes perfect sense that Maton have chosen Blackwood for the Tenor-E. The back, sides and soundboard have been made and braced as lightly as possible making the instrument super responsive to every note.

The Queensland Maple neck has been shaped for maximum comfort while the Stripey Ebony fingerboard features both top and side dot position markers. Dunlop 6260 Nickel Silver fret wire has been used for ease of playing and brilliant intonation.

The Stripey Ebony bridge is based on classic ukulele designs with the intention of creating as much vibration as possible in the soundboard. Underneath the soundboard is an elliptical shaped Spruce bridge plate designed to spread string vibration as evenly as possible and to reduce stress points developing around the bridge.

The use of Bone for the Nut and Saddle is steeped in tradition and is particularly effective on a ukulele as it helps to emphasise the elusive lower and mid frequencies which can often be lacking in such small instruments.

Gotoh’s light weight UK700 tuning heads are the perfect match for this instrument. The 1:15 ratio provides excellent control over tuning while the geared mechanism is so much easier to use than traditional friction pegs.

Aquila’s Nylgut strings provide excellent tone, stay in tune and intonate perfectly. They replicate the warm but bright sound produced by the gut strings used in days gone by and so complement this beautifully.

The Maton Tenor-E Ukulele is finished in Maton’s tuned satin pre-catalyzed nitro finish which provides maximum protection for the delicate tonewood without inhibiting tone or volume.

For amplified duties, Maton have chosen the L.R.Baggs FIVE.O pickup system which is light weight, has minimum impact on the natural tone of the ukulele, is easy to use and delivers crystal clear, natural amplified tone.

The FIVE.O is small, light-weight and specifically engineered to track the unique voice of the Ukulele. The system combines a custom version of the award winning L.R.Baggs Element pickup, a sound hole mounted volume control and a miniature endpin preamp powered by a 3V battery. The radically miniaturised system weighs less than a 9V battery and tucks away neatly inside of the small instrument for a non-invasive installation.

The L.R.Baggs FIVE.O’s features include:

• Custom Element pickup
• Miniature endpin preamp
• Soundhole mounted volume control
• Super light weight
• Battery type: single 3V
• Battery life: 300+ hours

Your brand new Maton Tenor-E Ukulele has been professionally setup by our in-house Guitar Technicians.


· Model: Ukulele Tenor-E
· Body Shape: Tenor Ukulele
· Top Material: Solid Australian Blackwood
· Back and Sides Material: Solid Australian Blackwood
· Rosette: Maple Rings
· Bracing: Standard Tenor
· Neck Material: Queensland Maple
· Fingerboard & Bridge Material: Streaky Ebony
· Fingerboard Profile: Flat Profile
· Fretwire: Dunlop 6260
· Number of Frets: 19
· Scale Length: 431.8mm (17”)
· Nut Width: 35mm
· 14th Fret: Width 45.2mm
· Soundhole Diameter: 66mm (2.598″)
· Fingerboard Position Markers: 4mm Pearl Dot Inlays
· Finish: Natural Satin Pre-Catalyzed Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer
· Machine Heads: Gotoh UK700 1:15
· End Pin/Strap: Chrome
· Nut & Saddle: Bone
· Case: Plush Lined Maton Hardcase
· Pickup: L.R Baggs 5.0
· Setup: Pro-SCM professional setup


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