Hohner 253 Chrometta 12 – 48 Reed Chromatic Harmonica – Play in any Key

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Hohner 253 Chrometta 12 – 48 Reed Chromatic Harmonica

The Hohner 253 Chrometta 8 Harmonica is a chromatic harmonica designed to play every complete scale in any key! A chromatic harmonica has all 12 notes of the chromatic scale available – and sometimes more, enabling the user to play in any key.

You can play major, minor, pentatonic or blues scales all on one harmonica. Additionally, all accidental notes are available at any time for any situation.

The Hohner 253 Chrometta 8 has a 2 octave chromatic range and is equipped with wind saving valves and a moisture proof comb. It’s beautiful tone make this model ideal for both beginning harmonica players as well as advanced harmonica players.

Each single hole contains four reeds; two natural notes and two chromatic notes. The reeds for the chromatic notes are enabled by pushing a slide button on the side of the harmonica. Most chromatics are solo tuned, which means each group of four single holes covers a complete octave. With the Chrometta 10, the 2 additional channels extend the tonal range downwards as far as G3, which is the lowest note found on the violin. Learn to play pop songs, jazz standards or even classical melodies with this great beginner’s chromatic!

This design offers a wealth of new musical options to the player.

Most commonly chromatic harmonicas are heard within the classical and jazz scenes, but often these harmonicas are used for blues, folk, rock and pop as well.

Chromatic Harmonicas For Beginners!

The 4 harmonicas of the Chrometta series offer an excellent basis for beginning the chromatic harmonica playing. They combine the best cost-to-value ratio with a robust design.

Hohner 253 Chrometta 12 Specifications

• Type: Chromatic
• Tuning: Solo Tuning
• Keys: C, G
• Number of Holes: 12
• Tonal Range: 3 octaves
• Length: 16.5 cm (6.5″)
• Country of Manufacture: Germany
• Reed Plate Material: Brass
• Reed Plate Thickness: 1.05 mm
• Reed Plate Surface: Brass
• Reed Material: Brass
• Number of Reeds: 48
• Comb Material: ABS
• Comb Colour: Black
• Comb Finish: Gloss
• Mouthpiece Surface: ABS – Gloss
• Cover Plate Material: Polished Stainless Steel
• Slide Construction: Zigzag

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