Hartke Bass Attach VXL Tone-Shaper Pre-Amp/DI Pedal


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Tonal Attack.

A monster tone-shaping preamp that doubles as a full-featured direct box, Hartke’s VXL Bass Attack Preamp/Direct Box offers expanded control over the tone of any bass rig. Featuring the famous Hartke Shape circuit, extensive EQ controls and stunning tube emulation, this pedal provides endless possibilities for attaining a more powerful, full-range bass tone, from the grittiest of metal sounds to the warmest of rock tones and everything in between.

• Tone-shaping preamp/direct box
• Famous Hartke Shape circuit
• 3-band (Bass, Treble, Brite) controls
• Harmonics control for tube emulation
• Gold-plated balanced XLR direct output with selectable Pre/Post switch
• 1/4″ parallel output and 1/4″ input
• Powered via 9-volt battery, AC adapter (sold separately) or phantom power through the XLR
• Rugged aluminum chassis


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