audio-technica midnight blues MB1KC neodymium cardioid-unidirectional dynamic microphone TRIPLE PACK Free P+H!



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audio-technica midnight blues MBK1KC  TRIPLE PACK

Cardioid-Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone – Neodymium Magnet


Meet the industry standard in affordable vocal and instrument microphones: audio-technica’s Midnight Blues MB1KC. High-output design, superior audio performance and rugged, all-metal construction, make this totally redesigned microphone the new standard in affordable vocal and instrument microphones.

Audio-Technica’s Midnight Blues series have made a serious name for themselves as top quality, great sounding and very affordable microphones.

The MB1KC is a great example.

This hand held vocal dynamic microphone features audio-technica’s Hi-ENERGY® neodymium magnet in its dynamic cartridge. Neodymium is the strongest naturally occurring magnetic mineral on the planet – it is also known a “rare earth”. This amazing mineral gives the MB1KC impressively high gain before feedback, a high sensitivity of 2.2 mV/Pa and fast transient response. Superb spec’s for a microphone at this price!

Furthermore, the audio-technica Midnight Blues MB1KC features a rugged all-metal body and a lockable MagnaLock™ switch design for silent on/off operation. The MagnaLock™ switch is a great idea for Schools and Clubs where fidgety fingers want to play with switches. A corrosion-resistant gold-plated XLRM-type connector is included for increased reliability and longevity.

The audio-technica Midnight Blues MB1KC is a Cardioid-Unidirectional microphone. A Cardioid-Unidirectional microphone is a microphone that picks up virtually all of its audio signal from directly in front of the microphone. Its pattern looks like a heart on a polar response chart, hence the name cardioid. The term “Unidirectional” refers to “one direction”, once again, the audio pickup pattern. The cardioid-unidirectional microphone focuses its pick up pattern on sounds that arrive at the front of the mic, so you can point it at the sound you want and away from sound you don’t want. This is the most popular pattern for live sound (it ignores the floor monitors and out front PA system) as it delivers much higher volume or “gain before feedback”. This pattern allows you to eliminate the problems encountered with the Omni (all-around) pattern because it can be pointed away from sounds you do not want. It is also the most important microphone for recording because the user is able to focus the microphone on just the instrument desired. It can also make a recording in a bad room better, because it “hears” less of the room and more of what is right in front of it.

The audio-technica Midnight Blues MB1KC is the ideal performance microphone for budget conscious buyers and perfect for use as a lead, backup, or choral vocal duties. Buy a MB1KC TRIPLE PACK today and save!

The audio-technica Midnight Blues MB1KC TRIPLE PACK is available right now from southcoastmusic and comes supplied with 3 x 15′ XLR cables and genuine audio-technica microphone clips for each microphone.

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