Bryden SBJ-524 5 String Banjo with PRO-SCM Setup



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Whether you want to learn to play the 5 string banjo or are simply returning to the instrument, the Bryden SBJ524 will get you there without breaking the bank!

The Bryden SBJ524 is a fabulous 5 string banjo complete with resonator. Buying a banjo for the first time can be like buying a ticket in a lucky dip – you just don’t know what you will get.

Bryden helps to make that decision easier and with our PRO-SCM setup, all you have to do is focus on playing.

Designed to inspire the novice banjo player, the SBJ524 features a slim, fast neck that you will easily make your way up and down. Our PRO-SCM takes care of all the issues that affect the way your instrument plays. For example, we ensure that all of the frets are properly crowned and finished, offering an enhanced and comfortable playing experience.  The Bryden SBJ524 also features an adjustable truss rod, 24 brackets and a genuine Remo Weatherking banjo head.

At southcoastmusic, all of our banjos are individually inspected and tuned prior to shipping.

Some of them, such as this one on offer here include a comprehensive setup that we call “PRO-SCM”. If you have purchased a banjo elsewhere and you find it difficult or simply unplayable, our PRO-SCM service is available to you at a reasonable cost.

Our PRO-SCM setups are done by our instore Technicians.  They are banjo players and they set up our banjos the way that they like them to play. This means that you are not only buying a great value for money instrument, you are buying one ready to play right out of the box!!

Please note that every banjo is in tune when it is carefully packed prior to shipping. Climatic as well as Travel conditions will affect the tuning – we recommend that you fine tune your new banjo prior to playing. Check out tuners in our website if you need one…we have great deals on all of our tuners everyday!

Be aware that similar banjos purchased elsewhere may not be set up making them virtually unplayable.

Spend your money once...

Our checklist is extensive and proper attention is given to the following:

· Tension of the Head

· Adjustment of the Brackets

· Adjustment of the Tuning Pegs

· Height and position of the Bridge

· Neck Angle

· Action (string height)

· Frets (including polishing)

· Intonation…and more!

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